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Premier Christy Clark’s minister of children and families made the shocking decision to appeal the second scathing B.C. Supreme Court ruling in a horrific child abuse case.

“It defies belief that this government wants to haul this family back to court for a third time to be re-victimized. It’s beyond deplorable. It’s outrageous,” said Doug Donaldson, New Democrat spokesperson for children and families.

The handling of the Arvind Gupta departure shows the UBC Board of Governors, a group dominated by B.C. Liberal government appointees, is operating in chaos, secrecy and conflict and putting the school’s reputation at risk. In September of 2014, shortly after Arvind Gupta began a five-year term as the new president of UBC, B.C. Liberal Premier Christy Clark said his appointment “is a great moment for UBC and for post-secondary education in British Columbia.” Just one year into that term, following a UBC Board of Governors meeting, Mr.

A new survey from the Union of B.C. Municipalities shows that the Premier Clark’s Auditor General for Local Government project has only increased the burden on local governments and costs for local taxpayers. ”Premier Christy Clark claimed that the AGLG would help local taxpayers, but this survey shows that AGLG audits cost municipalities an average of more than $12,000 for little or no results,” said NDP local government spokesperson Selina Robinson.

"How big is your cape?" That is the rallying cry that inspires hundreds of professionals and volunteers to participate in a local volunteer program, HeroWork. Through what are called radical community renovations, the HeroWork team bring together the construction industry and people in businesses in the community to revitalize the infrastructure of charitable organizations.



Photo credit: Chek News