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This week on Voice of BC, NDP Education Critic, Rob Fleming, and NDP Advanced Education Critic, Kathy Corrigan, join Vaughn Palmer in studio to discuss Bill 11, the re-engineering of post-secondary, and the governments relationship with the BC Teachers' Federation.

Swan Lake Christmas Hill Nature Sanctuary is celebrating 40 years this June. Here's my statement in the Legislature marking this significant milestone.

After three weeks of debate on Bill 11 and reasoned appeal to the Minister of Education to listen to BC School districts, teachers, parents and the public, this is the last arrogant, dismissive word from the BC Liberal government.

Expectant parents on provincial disability payments lose every penny of their maternity leave benefits to another heartless Liberal clawback.

“Christy Clark continues to victimize the most vulnerable families in our province,” said John Horgan, leader of B.C.’s New Democrats. “She was shamed into ending the clawback of child support payments, and she ought to be just as ashamed of her clawback of maternity leave benefits.”

Not content to weaken the Agricultural Land Commission by stacking it with Liberal appointees, the B.C. Liberal government is taking their attack on B.C. farmland a step further by firing the independent chair of the Agricultural Land Commission, Richard Bullock.