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New Democrat leader John Horgan advocated for seniors facing the loss of flu clinics on Tuesday, resulting in the health minister reversing the uncaring policy.


Documents released today on the premier’s office involvement in the firing of health researchers confirm the government’s review is a sham designed to protect the premier.

New Democrat MLAs tabled three important pieces of legislation on Thursday to strengthen democracy in B.C..

An economic impact study released Monday shows B.C. Liberal ferry cuts have cost more than they saved in the Cariboo-Chilcotin Coast region.

“It’s hard to take the Liberals at their word anymore, they know what to say, but then do what they want. They promised to improve and sustain ferry services, but they didn’t bother to do an economic impact study before making reckless cuts to ferry routes. Now we know these cuts are actually costing us money,” said New Democrat leader John Horgan. 

Minister of Transportation Todd Stone showed yesterday that he knows what to say, but does what he wants.