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New Democrats introduced legislation on Wednesday that would modernize public participation in our democracy by allowing for electronic petitions to government.

“Passing this legislation would mean the public would have another, more modern, way to participate in our democracy by allowing people to add their name online to petitions and be heard by government,” said new Democrat MLA Jane Shin.

British Columbia is unprepared for a catastrophic earthquake and the premier is still trying to hide that truth from the public, says Mike Farnworth, New Democrat spokesperson for public safety.

“For the Liberals to play politics with people’s lives is shameful,” said Mike Farnworth, New Democrat spokesperson for public safety. “Henry Renteria gave the attorney general his report in December, and now we know why the premier didn’t want anyone to see it.”

The proposed Distressed Animals Act would help prevent animals from suffering or dying in vehicles without adequate ventilation, says New Democratic spokesperson on local government Selina Robinson.

“After a number of incidents of animals dying while left alone in hot vehicles, it is time to act,” said Robinson, noting the tragic 2014 case of the six dogs who died after being left in the back of pickup truck covered by a canopy for 40 minutes.

After being questioned on why the office of the Auditor General for Local Government was allowed to waste $5.2 million on her watch, Minister Oakes blames a mythical "grassroots" movement for the fiasco!

The premier’s bungled Auditor General for Local Government project has gone even further off the rails, say the New Democrats.

“Christy Clark and the B.C. Liberals have already wasted $5 million of the public’s money on this project,” said Selina Robinson, New Democrat spokesperson for local government. “The legislation they brought in to establish the office was poorly thought out, and we’re seeing the repercussions of that now.”