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New Democrat Leader John Horgan and spokesperson for education Rob Fleming released the following statement on the tentative deal reached in the education dispute:


“News that a tentative agreement has been reached is great news for students, parents, teachers and everyone who stood with them during this education dispute. We’re pleased that our province’s kids will finally be back in classrooms where they belong after the longest province-wide shutdown of schools in B.C. history.


A report released today shows that B.C. Liberal hikes to ferry fares are causing economic damage across the province, say the New Democrats. “This new report does the work the government should have done years ago. It connects the dots between fare hikes, falling ridership numbers, and the loss of economic activity and tax dollars,” said New Democrat ferries spokesperson Claire Trevena. “The conclusion that it reaches is that the B.C. Liberal policy for ferries is a complete and utter failure.
New spills from tailings facilities in the Interior and on Vancouver Island – on the heels of the devastating tailings dam failure at the Mount Polley mine – show the Liberal government is failing to protect B.C.’s pristine wilderness, say the New Democrats. “On Tuesday, over a month after Mount Polley’s tailing dam failed, the government sent a letter gently reminding Imperial Metals that they weren’t in compliance with the law because they continued to let Mount Polley mine tailings pollute Hazeltine Creek and Quesnel Lake.
Elections Act charges laid against two B.C. Liberal operatives and a Liberal-connected communications firm show the public never got the full story from Christy Clark’s internal investigation into the “Quick Wins” scandal, say New Democrats. “Two highly connected B.C. Liberal operatives ran a communications firm directly involved in electoral politics at the same time one of them was being paid by taxpayers to work in the provincial government, where he was also managing Liberal political projects during work hours,” said New Democrat house leader Mike Farnworth.
It’s been one month since the Mount Polley tailings pond failure and the B.C. Liberals have all but abandoned the region, say B.C.’s New Democrats. “Premier Christy Clark and the B.C. Liberals briefly swooped into Likely several days after the tailings pond failure assuring the town everything was all right, but then disappeared as the bad news rolled in,” said New Democrat leader John Horgan. “It’s one month later, and the people in these communities are living day to day with news of water advisories, many of them out of work at the mine, and wondering where their government is.