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In the eight months since the B.C. Liberals tabled their position on what would be a fair share of LNG revenue for British Columbia citizens who own the resource, Christy Clark has cut that share by at least half, said Bruce Ralston, New Democrat spokesperson on LNG.

The investigation into the Mount Polley mine disaster is turning into the latest B.C. Liberal whitewash, say the New Democrats.

“The Liberals are hiding behind advice from the chief inspector of mines, who is saying ‘don’t release any information about the disaster’ when it’s the actions of his office that are ultimately under investigation,” says the New Democrat spokesperson for mining Norm Macdonald.

VANCOUVER – Christy Clark and the B.C. Liberals have failed to seismically upgrade a number of B.C. schools this year contrary to their pre-election promises, say B.C.’s New Democrats.

B.C.’s New Democrats have been urging the public to voice their concerns regarding the Liberal government’s proposed changes to the Societies Act which could silence non-government organizations, and tie them up in court battles.

New Democrat spokesperson for justice, Leonard Krog, and spokesperson for finance, Carole James, sent a letter to organizations and individuals around the province last month about the Liberals’ white paper that outlines their proposed changes to the act.