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New Democrat leader John Horgan established his first shadow cabinet Wednesday, a team that will work hard every day on behalf of the majority of British Columbians, who are being ignored and let down by the B.C. Liberal government. “Community and business leaders are telling me they feel ignored by a B.C. Liberal government that is solely fixated on LNG—and the government is even failing to get real results on that,” said Horgan. “The B.C.

The only statement Advanced Education Minister Amrik Virk should be making is announcing his resignation, says New Democrat advanced education critic David Eby. “When we first raised the issue of underhanded executive compensation practices at Kwantlen Polytechnic University Amrik Virk called our concerns ‘outlandish’. Then, an investigation confirmed he was involved in breaking the rules,” said Eby. “Now we have evidence that executive compensation rules are being broken at other B.C. universities and instead of taking action Mr.

B.C. Liberal Minister of Advanced Education Amrik Virk, found to have been involved in a scheme to defeat government compensation rules while at Kwantlen Polytechnic University, is now trying to cover up further violations of the province’s compensation rules by refusing the public access to the rules themselves. “Amrik Virk promised in the legislature that he’d release the compensation caps for all post-secondary schools in the province. Two months later, he wrote to say he’d changed his mind,” said New Democrat advanced education critic David Eby.
The National Energy Board is shutting out important voices by limiting the scope and depth of participation in the Joint Review Panel hearings on the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion, say the New Democrats. “The National Energy Board should not be restricting British Columbians’ opportunities to voice their concerns about the Kinder Morgan pipeline proposal,” said New Democrat environment critic Spencer Chandra Herbert. “With the NEB expanding deadlines, this is the perfect opportunity for them to also expand the process.
While the B.C. Liberal government tells teachers there is no more money, they are more than happy to hand out hefty pay raises to their top political staff far beyond what they characterize as the settlement “zone”, say the New Democrats. “The fact that the B.C. Liberals are handing out significant pay increases to a number of their top political staff while telling teachers they have to bargain within the settlement zone is complete hypocrisy,” said New Democrat education critic Rob Fleming. “The finance minister made a big deal about executive compensation breaches at the Royal B.C.